What I’ve learned about being a “real” adult

I’ve been out in the so-called “real world” for approximately six weeks now, and there are several things I’ve learned that mark you as a “real” adult.

Now, I guess if you want to get real technical about things, I’ve been an adult for four years now, since I turned 18. But, I don’t consider a person to be a true adult until they are completely financially independent from their parents. This is me now. So, “real” adult? I guess sure, if we’re speaking in technicalities here.

That being said, here are some tidbits of wisdom (everything that I describe is based on experience) that I’ve picked up over the past six weeks of being an adult:

  • People expect your car to look decent. This means don’t hold your headlights in with tape, and don’t drive around with your front license plate sitting on your dashboard, which are the results of a fender bender your second week in the city. In order to avoid having your car look this way, it is advisable to take your car into the shop immediately, and don’t wait for a full month to take care of it.
  • If the batteries in your smoke detector die, replace them in a timely fashion. Don’t let it hang useless from the ceiling for a week like I did. I also feel like this was slightly illegal. Either way, that particular problem got solved after I got paranoid about fire.
  • For the first time in your life, you have real money. Which immediately is funneled into funding things like security deposits and iPhones (which is being ordered this month!). But no worries, once the initial start-up costs of an adult life are taken care of, you’ll feel rich!
  • Staying up until midnight has now become next to impossible without caffeine. But you force yourself to stay up anyway because you feel like you might miss something, even though nothing ever happens. Or maybe that’s just me.
  • You start doing “Happy Hour.” With co-workers. Who are all between five and 20 years older than you are.
  • Cheez-Its, a cookie, and carrots do not constitute an acceptable dinner. But I refuse to believe this. The same goes for having leftover pizza for a week.
  • You have insurance. But you have no idea what it means.
  • You will never feel like an adult. Granted, I haven’t been an adult for that long. But in no way do I want to let go of acting like the young person I still am.

By the way, this is what a car headlight held in by tape looks like. Don’t be that person. Just don’t.

Don’t let your car look like this. It’s funny at first, but then slightly embarrassing.


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  1. “You have insurance. But you have no idea what it means.” HAHAHA!

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