A documentation of life after college? I’m happy to oblige!

Well, hey there!

If you’re reading this blog, it’s because you either know me personally, or you somehow stumbled upon this through a link of some sort. Even so, I’ll still go ahead and introduce myself, given that this is the first post.

I’m Jess, I’m 22 years old and I just graduated from Ohio University about a month ago with a degree in journalism. I’m currently living in Cincinnati and have a job as a public relations coordinator for a small local college. For privacy reasons, that’s all I’m going to say about where I live and work. Even though it wouldn’t be that hard to figure out exactly who I am since I’m fairly open about my contact information…oh well.

The purpose of this blog is so I have an outlet to document my life in the months after my college graduation. This has been a time of huge transition in my life, given that in the span of about a month, I got hired for a job, graduated, moved to Cincinnati, and then started the aforementioned job. That’s a lot! Not to mention that I didn’t even have a place to live down here when my job started — my lease wasn’t due to start until I had already been living here for two weeks! Fortunately, one of my friends from OU had a friend living down here already, and this friend (who is now my friend too!) graciously allowed me to live in her house for three weeks until I had both the key to my apartment and my furniture.

So now, I’m “moved in.” I use the term “moved in” very loosely, because yes, I physically live in my apartment now, and all my stuff is here. It’s just not unpacked. Not in the least. I mean, some of it is, but…a lot of it isn’t. I’m actually slightly embarrassed by it. I don’t want to show it to you, but I feel as though this post isn’t complete without something other than text, so….here’s my mess of a living room:

This is where I live.

I don’t even have a futon yet. But I have priorities. Like, I’m going to buy an iPhone before I buy a futon. I’m 100 percent serious. Because iPhones are awesome and I don’t have one yet! Soon though. Very soon.

But enough about my desire for an iPhone.

I should also mention that I live alone, which brings with it its own set of adventures and emotions. So far, I don’t like it. In fact, I hate it. I’m about as extroverted as they come, but that doesn’t mean that I need to be around a huge crowd of people all the time. Usually, I just enjoy being around one or two other people. It’s how I re-charge — I like to come home and unwind by having conversations about pretty much anything. Or, if we’re all too tired to talk, just sitting in the same room as someone else helps me. I don’t get that living alone. However, I’m hoping that my attitude changes at some point. Otherwise, it’s gonna be a long year!

Anyway, I think I’ll leave you with that for tonight. You now have a better idea of who I am, and hopefully I can provide you with at least some sort of entertainment!

Good night!


One response

  1. My work-Brett and I are cracking up at you. I keep reading her lines of this post. I think she relates to you. =)
    And today you will have conversation when you get home! With me. Via skype.
    Love you, Jess!

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